the weaning


The Weaning

The Weaning is my second novel. I wrote it as part of a PhD in creative & critical writing at the University of Sussex, investigating autobiographic practice.

Here’s what the book looked like while I was writing it:

current state thesis

I hope it reads as both a meditation on the act of reading and writing as well as a gripping suspense narrative. Here’s the publisher’s ‘blurb’:

‘When professional couple Nikki and Rob uncover their childminder Bobbi’s secret everything changes. Bobbi has a child-shaped hole in her life that her ‘silver fox’ lover can’t fill. Now she is seeking out children once more. Troubled young couple, Kim and Connor are battling with social services to keep their baby, Jade – but they needn’t worry, Bobbi soon arrives to help solve all their problems.’

You can buy the book direct from Salt by clicking here

What readers say about The Weaning

from fellow writers:

‘an original, surprising, beautifully crafted novel that stands out from the crowd… packs a powerful punch… pared down… enthralling… a great achievement’ – Anya Lipska

‘a gripping page-turner’ – Paul McVeigh


from the book blogging community:

‘blown away by this book… I can’t rave about this book enough!… gave me goosebumps… visceral… this book is more than just an expertly crafted story, it’s more like an experience… without doubt a full on 5 star read’ – Bookish Chat

‘I read my copy on the train to London – it’ one hour and forty minutes and I hardly raised my head from the book, when I arrived I had just five pages left and was frantically turning the pages… incredible insight’ – Anne Cater

‘devastating… I was momentarily felled… stunning’ – Jackie Law


from reviews on Amazon and Good Reads:

‘a heartbreak of a novel… a book about love and loss and the individual journeys that lie buried beneath newspaper headlines’

‘a gripping study of motherhood and class in urban Britain’ – ‘Steph’ (via Amazon) –

‘I have never read a book where the connection between woman and child is so well drawn. It stayed with me’

‘moments of mischief’

‘a great book club choice. Its quick to read and there is loads to talk about’